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New for 2017!
Choose between Electronic Golf Pass or a Hard Copy Booklet

Golfers now have the option to purchase the Iowa PGA Golf Pass in and electronic version or the typical printed booklet that has been available in the past. The new electronic version will allow golfers to redeem deals by logging into their online account and either printing a voucher or redeeming it through their mobile devices at participating facilities. 

The same discounts will be available in both versions, however those with the electronic version will enjoy special timely discounts added throughout the golf season. Golf facilities will now have the option of advertising special discounts throughout the season that may have been difficult to plan prior to the booklet being printed.

Click Here for Video Demonstration on Electronic Version

Electronic Golf Pass: $40

The Electronic Golf Pass will be used through your electronic devices, whether that is your phone, tablet, or computer. You WILL NOT receive a hard copy booklet. When purchasing the electronic version, you will be emailed an account username and password that you will use to gain access to all of your offers online.  Click Here for Video Demonstration on Electronic Version

Hard Copy Booklet: $45

If you order the 2017 Iowa PGA Hard Copy Booklet, you will be shipped the actual booklet to have in hand to redeem your offers at the golf courses/facilities. Once you order the booklet, it will be shipped within the same day and free shipping!